Beyond Dreamforce 2023: Navigating Your Path Forward

A Guide to Maximize Your Post-Dreamforce Experience

Dreamforce 2023 was a whirlwind of innovation and inspiration. Some of the highlights included the Salesforce Platform relaunch known as Einstein 1, the offering of free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses for Sales and Service Cloud customers on the Enterprise or Unlimited edition, and the announcement of Copilot Studio featuring Generative AI through its components: Prompt Builder, Skills Builder, and Model Builder. 

But now that Dreamforce is over, your real journey is just beginning. In this blog, explore the optimal post-Dreamforce follow-up, delving into an array of comprehensive strategies aimed at helping you transform the wealth of knowledge you gained during Dreamforce 2023 into practical, actionable outcomes. 


Organize Your Notes & Learnings

During Dreamforce, you likely found yourself scribbling down notes and capturing screenshots to help you remember all that you learned. You should take the time to summarize your key takeaways and rewrite a brief summary of the main points. This can serve as a quick reference when you need to refresh your memory. You can try dividing your notes into categories that align with your interests or job responsibilities. 

For example, you might try separating your notes into categories like “Sales Strategies,” “Marketing Insights,” and “Product Updates.”  


Share Your Knowledge

Empower your colleagues with fresh perspectives and best practices that can improve their day-to-day work. Your team can benefit from the latest industry trends, technology updates, and success stories you learned at Dreamforce. Consider presenting a summary of your key takeaways during a team meeting or organize “lunch and learn” sessions where you share your Dreamforce insights over a casual team lunch where everyone can learn from the info you learned at Dreamforce.  


Engage with New Connections

Dreamforce is known for its networking opportunities. The connections you made during the event can be invaluable in the professional world, offering opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and growth. However, the real magic happens when you take the initiative to reengage post-conference and strengthen your new connections. Don’t just set your stack of business cards on your desk and let those valuable connections fade away; take the initiative to reengage and watch your network flourish. 

To help you get started, we’ve prepared a conversation-opening template that you can employ to maintain the momentum from Dreamforce 2023: Here


Implement Actionable Insights

The process of implementing actionable insights is the essential link between acquiring knowledge and achieving tangible results. It not only keeps you competitive but also fosters innovation and propels your organization toward its goals. Here’s a strategic roadmap to make it happen effectively:

1. Create an Action Plan: The transformation of insights into measurable results demands a methodical approach. Craft a well-structured action plan that precisely outlines how you intend to put each insight into action. This plan should encompass the assignment of responsibilities, the establishment of timelines, and the definition of measurable objectives.

2. Explore New Salesforce Partnerships: In today’s dynamic business and technology landscape, maintaining a competitive edge often requires collaboration with experts who can navigate the latest innovations. Consider forging partnerships with organizations like TruSummit Solutions, specializing in areas crucial to your organization’s growth. Whether it’s leveraging cutting-edge cloud solutions, seamlessly integrating AI, or elevating the customer experience, connecting with the right partners can open doors to innovation and expansion.

By creating actionable plans and exploring partnerships, you not only extract the full value from your Dreamforce experience but also position your organization on a path toward growth and success in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Plan for the Future: Dreamforce 2024

By initiating your preparations in advance and establishing precise objectives, you are poised to extract the maximum value from Dreamforce 2024. Consider organizing a follow-up meeting or distributing a survey to your organization’s Dreamforce attendees to assess what was learned, what proved effective, and what requires refinement. This forward-thinking strategy ensures that you are well-prepared to embrace the upcoming era of innovation, learning, and growth that Dreamforce has in its arsenal.

If you have colleagues or people in your network who are considering attending Dreamforce for the first time in 2024, consider sharing our blog with them. Our insights from Dreamforce 2023 can serve as valuable guidance as they embark on their journey of planning for their future Dreamforce experience.


That’s a Wrap: Conclusion

As we wrap up, you’ve delved into strategies that will ensure the valuable knowledge acquired during Dreamforce 2023 is not just retained but actively applied. From organizing your notes and sharing insights to nurturing new connections and turning insights into action, you now possess the tools to foster innovation and attain meaningful results. Remember, Dreamforce may have ended, but your path towards growth and excellence remains wide open. Embrace the wealth of knowledge, seize the boundless opportunities, and become the driving force that shapes the future of your organization. The possibilities are infinite, and this journey is yours to define.

If you’re looking for a Salesforce partner to translate your insights into actionable outcomes and explore how to take your organization to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out to TruSummit Solutions. Our team is ready to assist you on your journey of growth and innovation. Click HERE to contact us today! 



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“I am dedicated to cultivating valuable relationships. My enthusiasm for innovative problem-solving and staying at the forefront of industry trends equips me to successfully engage with potential customers, partners, and talent in need of support.” 

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