Salesforce Implementation Services

As your partners, we focus on helping you strategically implement an end-to-end Salesforce solution, leveraging core platform products and custom enhancements. Our experienced team at TruSummit Solutions will help you define an implementation trail map, complete with goals and requirements to get you to the peak of Salesforce mountain.

Discovery & Implementation

We begin by mobilizing your project with key stakeholders. From there, we will facilitate discovery sessions to define business requirements mapped to your organization’s strategic goals and objectives. Finally, we will present a high-level solution design vision to confirm our understanding and prioritize requirements to facilitate continual project cycles.

Data Strategy & Integration

Have multiple data sources from third-party or back-office systems? No problem. We’ll integrate them into your Salesforce platform, so you have access to the data that you need in one easy-to-navigate user interface. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide the data strategy you need to reach your business goals and objectives.

Project Management

Our agile approach to implementation requires a dedicated, hands-on presence to mitigate risks and prevent them from becoming issues. Our TruSummit Project Managers will be your primary point of contact for managing any changes and approvals during the project lifecycle.

Training & Change Management

While it is a given that we will educate and energize your teams through hands-on training, we pride ourselves on going a step further and delivering enablement. Enablement ensures that even in the face of future changes, you will have the people, processes, and systems in place to sustain success indefinitely. How do we accomplish this? Through a defined governance strategy.

Salesforce Platform Governance

In today’s constantly changing technology landscape, the importance of good governance is not something that should be overlooked. As your partners, we provide Salesforce platform governance using the following rubric:

Communication Strategy

Define a communication strategy to ensure governance alignment across all stakeholders

Backlog Management

Define who will own and prioritize the requirements backlog and what they will consider

Principles of Software Engineering

Create a clear development, testing, and QA process for all teams

Data Architecture

Create a business-data model and determine the source of truth where all data will be collected and managed

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