Salesforce Managed Services

TruSummit Solutions’ Salesforce Managed Services empower your business with seamless Salesforce operations.

Our Salesforce Managed Services provide continuous, comprehensive, and scalable managed services that maintain, enhance, and protect Salesforce instances, enabling your organization to derive maximum ROI from your Salesforce investment without the need for additional costly in-house resources or engaging with multiple Salesforce partners.

Managed Services for Salesforce

Salesforce is always evolving; new features and functionalities are released regularly, and the application ecosystem is constantly expanding. TruSummit Solutions’ Salesforce Managed Services enable your organization to more quickly leverage the power of Salesforce by tapping into our deep bench of expertise that would be difficult – and costly — to build and maintain in-house.

We work hand-in-hand with you to act as a strategic extension of your team. We are not order takers; we ask questions, we challenge assumptions, and we proactively work in your Salesforce instance to identify value-adds for your business.

The TruSummit Advantage

We offer a comprehensive suite of Salesforce Managed Services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our Managed Services include:

  • Administrative Support: Our certified Salesforce administrators ensure your Salesforce instance is optimized, secure, and always up-to-date.
  • Development Services: From custom app development to workflow automation, our team of developers can tailor Salesforce to align to your business processes.
  • Ideation & Enablement: We take a proactive approach to collaborative Salesforce management. We work to understand your needs, we ask questions, we look at dependencies in your environment, and we push you to get the best from your team and your technology.
  • Integration and Migration: Our developers can integrate Salesforce with other systems and manage data migrations efficiently.
  • User Training and Adoption: Our customized training and enablement programs ensure maximum user engagement and productivity.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Salesforce Managed Services

We dispel myths, provide insight into use cases, and tell you everything you ever wanted to know about supercharging Salesforce through Managed Services in our comprehensive eBook.

The Benefits of Salesforce Managed Services

Working with TruSummit Solutions for Salesforce Managed Services allows your business to realize benefits including:

  • Salesforce Expertise for Every Business Need: Benefit from the hivemind of a team of Salesforce experts versus the more singular viewpoint of individual, in-house Salesforce resources
  • Reduced Operational Costs: On-demand access to expertise without recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining expensive Salesforce resources
  • Accelerated Business Outcomes: Scalability and flexibility to meet changing needs and improved speed-to-market on new features and releases
  • Predictable Expenses: Consistent, predictable Salesforce management expense for which finance teams can forecast and accrue funds
  • Smarter In-House Salesforce Team: Constant knowledge transfer from the experts results in smarter, more capable in-house resources
  • Increased User Adoption for Maximum Value: Instances that are aligned to the business and work as needed result in more engagement and adoption from end users

Which Managed Services Package is Right for You?

We offer flexible packages to fit every need and budget, from ad hoc requests to fully managed Salesforce instances. Explore our Salesforce Managed Services packages to discover the best fit for your business.

Managed Services Package Comparison Matrix

Interested in pricing specifics? Request a consultation and give us just a few quick details about your instance. No pressure, no pitches, just perspective.

The 3-Minute Fit Test

Wondering if Salesforce Managed Services could benefit your business? Take our 3-minute quiz to find out.

Customer Success: Government Reporting Made Easy

The Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, holding the distinction of being one of the oldest domestic violence centers in the United States. With a steadfast commitment to addressing domestic violence, the Center serves as a comprehensive program annually aiding over 7,500 adult and child survivors in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Following its migration from Eccovia Solutions to Salesforce, the Women’s Center needed a solution to simplify and automate the quarterly reporting it submitted to the government for funding.

TruSummit’s work to integrate a third-party connector for the Women’s Center delivered significant results including:

  • Reduced Reporting Time: The Women’s Center was able to save nearly two business days each quarter in reporting time!
  • Data Integrity: We eliminated a multi-step data collection process, which mitigated data integrity risks.
  • Enhanced Salesforce Functionality: The third-party connector enabled flexibility in future reporting modifications.
  • An Empowered Customer: Enhancements and training closed knowledge and skills gaps for the Women’s Center staff.

No Pressure, No Pitches, Just Perspective.

TruSummit Solutions is committed to helping you maximize the potential of Salesforce and achieve your business objectives. Want to learn more? Let’s have a quick consultation to determine if Managed Services could be a fit for you.


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