Salesforce Managed Services

At TruSummit Solutions, we make it our mission to empower and enable our clients to get the absolute best return on their Salesforce investment. As your business expands and undergoes transformations, it is crucial for your Salesforce Org to keep pace with these changes.
Our Salesforce Managed Services presents a versatile, scalable, and cost-effective approach to uphold and maximize the value of your investment, eliminating the necessity of recruiting additional full-time, dedicated staff members.
We’re here to provide you with support at any point on your journey. Your success is our success!

Managed Services for Salesforce

With TruSummit Solutions Managed Services, you get more than just an outsourced administrator, you get a trustworthy consulting partnership. Our team will help support your organization by enhancing your Salesforce instance in a proactive and consultative manner. Our goal is to minimize administration efforts and maximize functionality at your organization while providing transparency over our service.

The TruSummit Advantage

With our Managed Services, you gain access to a range of valuable benefits, including:

  • Efficient ticket/user story management application
  • Prioritized issue resolution
  • Troubleshooting & resolution solutioning
  • Answers and advice from experienced resources
  • Analytics (Report & Dashboard) Assistance
  • 3rd party application assistance
  • Knowledge Sharing and Training
  • Proactive consulting approach (not just reactive)

Basic Support

Our team of seasoned professionals will deliver administrative support to your organization based on a block of hours. This grants you the freedom to utilize our services at a flexible pace that aligns with your specific requirements. Through our user-friendly ticketing system, we guarantee an efficient, transparent, and effective experience while collaborating with us. Whether you have minor inquiries, concerns, or substantial requests, we are dedicated to assisting you with all your day-to-day needs.

Advanced Support

Going beyond our basic offering, the advanced option takes support to the next level by providing a comprehensive and expansive support model. We understand that your Salesforce organization may possess greater complexity, incorporate multiple third-party applications, or require additional resources to effectively handle the intricacies of your unique requirements. Our team will proactively seek opportunities to elevate your Salesforce instance, going beyond routine administrative tasks, and enhancing its overall performance.

End-to-End System Management Support

Our white-glove service represents the pinnacle of our service offerings. With our end-to-end system management support, your organization can entrust TruSummit Solutions with complete outsourcing of system management responsibilities. Our dedicated team will thoroughly assess your current Salesforce deployment and streamline your solutions, eliminating the need for your organization to invest in additional resources. Furthermore, we will provide expert guidance on the latest feature releases from Salesforce, ensuring that your organization is primed for future success.

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