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Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

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Salesforce Implementation

Project Timeline
4 weeks

About the Client

The Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, holding the distinction of being one of the oldest domestic violence centers in the United States. With a steadfast commitment to addressing domestic violence, the Center serves as a comprehensive program annually aiding over 7,500 adult and child survivors in the Greater Pittsburgh area.


Increasingly complex reporting mandates from the government

Native reporting functionalities didn't meet data requirements

Reporting process was manual and inefficient, taking time away from the Center's core mission

The Challenge: Complex Reporting Requirements

Like many nonprofit organizations, the Women’s Center and Shelter relies significantly on government funding for its operating budget. To help secure funding, the Women’s Center must provide the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with quarterly reports that detail the services it has provided to its Shelter Residents. HUD requires that the quarterly reports adhere to a specific format and be uploaded into SAGE, the HMIS Reporting Repository.

Following its migration from Eccovia Solutions to Salesforce, the Women’s Center needed a solution to simplify and automate the HUD reporting, which was a time- intensive manual process of extracting service data on Shelter Residents from Salesforce, manipulating it to match the required reporting structure, and uploading it into SAGE. The solution needed to be implemented quickly, too: HUD gave the Women’s Center an extension that enabled them to continue their manual extraction and submission process for up to two reporting cycles before requiring that their automated solution be deployed.


Implemented and customized a third-party connector to extract data from Salesforce

Provided training on third-party connector and additional reporting functionalities

The Solution: Custom Third-Party Integration to Streamline Reporting

The TruSummit team began its discovery to understand the HUD requirements, the Center’s Salesforce instance, and their current reporting process. Initially the team had hoped to utilize native Salesforce functionality to gather the necessary data, but soon realized that additional customizations to the instance would be required. The TruSummit team then designed and implemented a solution using a third-party connector that extracted the data from Salesforce and formatted it into the HUD-required CSV file structure, which enabled upload into SAGE.

The team then provided a training and warm handoff to the Center’s Salesforce administrator, who was able to gather and submit the HUD-required reporting in just a few clicks.


Time Savings
Reduced time spent on reporting from approximately 12 hours to just 5 minutes
Data Integrity
Eliminating a multi-step data collection process mitigated data integrity risks
Enhanced Functionality
Third-party connector enabled flexibility in future reporting modifications
Empowered Customer
Enhancements and training closed knowledge and skills gaps for the Women's Center staff

Customer Perspective

No matter how big or small your project, TruSummit is the team for you. They listen to your needs and come up with creative and cost effective solutions that you can manage on your own, no matter your skill level. I value and trust my partners at TruSummit Solutions.
Paige Quay
Database & Contracts Manager

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