International Steel Producer Partners with TruSummit Solutions to Drive Salesforce User Adoption and Meet Aggressive Sales Goals

Increasing Efficiency, Improving Visibility, Driving Results

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Project Timeline
Phased Approach


Following a series of acquisitions and integrations, one of the world’s Top 50 steel manufacturers had developed aggressive sales goals that required penetration into seven strategic markets within two years. However, there were internal challenges with its Salesforce instance that could impede its ability to sell into the markets efficiently and effectively.  

User adoption of Salesforce and CPQ across the sales organization was low, following several different implementations with several different Salesforce consulting firms. Inconsistent use of its Salesforce tools meant the integrity of the organization’s sales data was questionable.  

And without a consistent and well-adopted process for pipeline tracking and management, the organization lacked visibility into its performance against its aggressive market penetration and sales goals. 

The steel manufacturer turned to Salesforce partner TruSummit Solutions, selecting TruSummit for its strategic vision; strong relationship with Salesforce; and ability to quickly translate core business needs into a demonstrative solution via a phased implementation approach.  


Low user adoption of Salesforce and CPQ

Questionable data integrity as a result of inconsistent Salesforce use

Lack of visibility into pipeline and performance against sales goals


Strategic Roadmap Leads to Redeployment and Enablement

TruSummit’s first step in its engagement included a series of discovery sessions that enabled it to further ascertain and define the organization’s challenges. This discovery phase underscored known issues like low user engagement and a lack of visibility into the sales pipeline and revealed challenges with redundant processes and a complex pricing system. This hindered internal management but also resulted in a disjointed user-to-customer experience.  

TruSummit next developed a strategic roadmap that defined key areas of improvement, including internal process adjustments that would enable the organization to utilize new Salesforce product capabilities.  

Within the strategic roadmap was TruSummit’s overarching recommendation that the organization redeploy Salesforce Sales Cloud utilizing a phased implementation approach. TruSummit defined all facets of the phased implementation approach, including the timeline, the capabilities and resources needed from both parties, a roadmap for future transformation, and its recommendations for securing organizational alignment to ensure that this redeployment would be a success.  

Key Success Metrics

Increase in Salesforce activity, such as logged calls and emails, meetings scheduled, and action items created. This increase correlates to improved sales transactions and higher engagement.

Pipeline growth, including number of opportunities created and/or closed, pipeline stage progression, reduction in opportunity time-to-close, and a more reliable win rate. As sales leaders begin to rely upon Salesforce for pipeline forecasting for business and sales goals, user adoption increases.


The redeployment and subsequent training program were widely considered a success within the organization, resulting in enterprise alignment on customer strategy and execution, documented activities and sales planning efforts, as well as general preparedness for executive pricing authority reviews. 

Strategic Alignment
Enterprise alignment on customer strategy and execution
User Adoption
Increase in documented activities and sales planning efforts
Improved Visibility
Greater visibility into the pipeline and customer data
Pricing Consistency
Improved general preparedness for executive pricing authority reviews

Customer Perspective

We needed a partner who understood our business and the complexity of our operations. We were looking for somebody who would come to us with ideas and not be an order taker for the sake of billing hours. And we didn’t want an overcustomized solution. TruSummit has been a great partner to us, from delivering messages to training to engaging with us regularly and proactively. We have a real sense of relationship with TruSummit.
Sr. Director of Sales Operations

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