Managed Services for Salesforce is the Future of Business Success

Following last week’s Dreamforce 2023 announcements, one message stood out for us among the sea of buzzy AI news and new feature releases: Salesforce wants to be THE core business application across your organization, irrespective of industry, and Salesforce is building — or acquiring — the features and functionality that will make it so. 

And first let us say … we are here for it. We know firsthand the power of well-roadmapped, well-implemented Salesforce instances to help change an organization’s operational trajectory (just check out our AppExchange reviews to see some examples).  

But we also know that deriving maximum value from Salesforce is a challenge for many teams for whom Salesforce administration and development is just another item on their already-massive to-do list. Now add in the increasing complexity that comes with Salesforce’s new rollouts, features, and enhancements, and … yes, we know you’re getting overwhelmed.  

That’s why we are huge proponents of Managed Services for Salesforce. Sure, part of it is because we offer (the best) Salesforce managed services, but most of it is because we know that you can do so much more with Salesforce when you have the right team on your side.  

Working with a Salesforce Managed Services partner means you get a ton of benefits:  

Expertise on hand without recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining expensive Salesforce resources 
Salaries for experienced Salesforce resources can often start in the low six-figures. Add in costs for recruiting and hiring, benefits and total compensation packages, and annual spend for continuous education and training, and you are looking at a pretty significant budget line item for managing your already-significant spend on Salesforce. Or look at it another way: Depending on how many Salesforce users your organization has, you could be spending thousands of dollars per user to keep Salesforce running. 

The hivemind from a team of Salesforce experts versus the more singular viewpoint of your individual Salesforce resources 
When you bring Salesforce resources in-house, your ability to roadmap, execute, or maintain is guard railed by that resource’s specific career or Salesforce experience. When you work with a Salesforce managed services provider, you get the benefits of multiple points of view, varied career experiences, and depth of exposure from a team of Salesforce experts.  

Reassurance that your Salesforce instances are being managed, enhanced, and even protected without diverting your team’s attention from other critical business initiatives  
Knowing Salesforce inside and out is – quite literally – our job. It’s likely not yours. So, every time your organization needs to modify Salesforce, learn about a new release, or troubleshoot a Salesforce challenge, you are diverting resources from your organization’s core business. The effects of that can be long-lasting and detrimental to any organization (and to employee morale!) 

Consistent, predictable expense that finance teams can forecast and accrue for 
Finance teams and CFOs love predictable expenses that can be budgeted and accrued for. Being able to assure your organization’s financial leadership that Salesforce management will cost a certain amount every month for the next year or two or three is hugely beneficial to any organization. Plus, engaging with a managed services provider can mean substantial savings on bigger Salesforce consulting and implementation engagements if, and when, those appear on the horizon.  

Scalability when your needs or business objectives change

It is highly likely that your organization’s strategic imperatives today have shifted from where they were 6 months to a year ago. And if those strategic shifts impact your Salesforce needs, a managed services provider can quickly scale your services up or down. Scaling an internal team, especially one with very specific skillsets, is not as flexible. Hiring takes time, and if you scale down, you could face the challenges and costs associated with layoffs. 

Speed to market when Salesforce makes significant feature release announcements (like they just did at Dreamforce!)  
AI everywhere. Einstein 1. Copilot Studio. New clouds. FLOW. There is a lot to learn to keep up with the Salesforce (r)evolution, and a certified Salesforce partner is already ahead of the game on it. You’ll be able to implement and use new features faster and enhance your organization’s speed to market when you have a managed services partner on your side.  

If you haven’t yet considered Salesforce managed services, we encourage you to spend some time exploring the offerings from us and others. If you’re not the final decision-maker within your org, sending this post over to your team is always a good idea. And if you want to understand how Salesforce’s latest announcements could impact your organization, let’s talk!  

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