Salesforce Spring ’24 Release: Health Cloud Highlights

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, innovation is key to delivering the best possible patient care and staff well-being. The Salesforce Spring ’24 Release is here, and it brings an array of exciting updates for healthcare organizations utilizing Health Cloud.

Spring ’24 release helps teams work smarter with new product innovations built on Data + AI + CRM + Trust:

Optimized Visit Scheduling for Home Health

The Spring ’24 Release introduces advanced capabilities to Home Health, allowing for optimized home visit scheduling. Healthcare providers can now schedule group visits and dependent visits more efficiently, resulting in better resource utilization. Schedulers can effortlessly broadcast and cancel visits, reschedule recurring visits, and enhance patient safety with improved medication administration capabilities.

Integrated Care Management Evolution

Integrated Care Management within Health Cloud now supports even more ways to create, update, and view care plans. The introduction of the OmniScript flow facilitates updates to problems, goals, and interventions in care plans, aligning them with additional completed assessments. Furthermore, it’s now possible to associate existing cases and clinical service requests with new care plans, streamlining the management of care plans across the board.

Provider Search Redefined

Provider Search receives a significant upgrade in the Spring ’24 Release, enhancing the overall provider search experience. Users can now search across a broader spectrum of provider data, customize search result filters, and configure the display of search results. This includes the ability to utilize up to 40 custom fields in provider searches, providing greater precision in locating the right healthcare professionals.

Referral Management Reinvented

Modernizing the referral process is pivotal in delivering efficient healthcare services. The Spring ’24 Release introduces a digital channel that guides guest users through creating referrals, engaging referred patients faster. Additionally, it offers valuable insights into referral patterns, top referral resources, and provider performance through the new Referral Management app.

Enhanced Assessment Functionality

In Health Cloud, assessments receive a productivity boost with a range of enhancements. The new Assessment History and Assessment Questions components offer a comprehensive view of a person’s assessment scores. Prefilled responses for assessment questions expedite the assessment completion process. Patients accessing Experience Cloud sites as authenticated users also gain a clearer view of their pending and completed assessments.

Electronic Signatures for Streamlined Workflows

Health Cloud now boasts a new Electronic Signatures framework, allowing users to record Chain of Custody events with electronic signatures. This addition simplifies tracking when electronic signatures are required, ensuring that essential steps are not missed in patient care workflows.

CRM Analytics and Beyond

The Spring ’24 Release includes CRM Analytics enhancements for Health Cloud, providing valuable insights into referrals through the new Referral Analytics dashboards.

New and Changed Health Cloud Objects

Health Cloud introduces new and updated objects, allowing healthcare organizations to store and access more data. These objects provide a deeper and more comprehensive view of patient information, enhancing the overall patient experience and enabling more informed decision-making.

Create Custom Report Types for More Objects

With the ability to create custom report types for additional objects, healthcare professionals gain better visibility into their Health Cloud data. Custom report types enable organizations to tailor their reporting to their unique needs, helping them uncover insights and make data-driven decisions with ease.

New and Changed Invocable Actions

The Spring ’24 Release brings new and enhanced invocable actions to Health Cloud. These actions serve as powerful tools for automation and customization, allowing healthcare organizations to streamline processes and improve efficiency across the board.

Salesforce Healthcare APIs

Health Cloud now incorporates Healthcare APIs that are designed to interact seamlessly with any system utilizing the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) API. This integration capability facilitates data exchange between Health Cloud and other healthcare systems, promoting interoperability and data sharing.

MuleSoft Direct Integrations

The release introduces direct integrations between MuleSoft and Health Cloud. This empowers healthcare organizations to integrate Health Cloud with external healthcare systems, enabling end-to-end business processes and enhancing data flow and accessibility.

New Connect REST API Resources

Health Cloud now includes new Connect REST API resources. These resources extend the integration capabilities of Health Cloud, enabling customers, partners, and ISVs to seamlessly connect with Salesforce software and user interfaces, fostering collaboration and data exchange.

Update Sharing Settings for the Operating Hours Object

Sharing settings are now enabled for the Operating Hours object. Admins of existing organizations with unauthenticated (guest) users will need to manually create sharing rules as per their requirements. This update ensures that operating hours information is accessible to the right users, enhancing operational efficiency.

New and Enhanced Common Features for Industries

Health Cloud users can now leverage new and enhanced common features available across Salesforce clouds and products in Industries. These features can be customized to meet specific business needs, extending the capabilities of Health Cloud and promoting cross-functional collaboration.

In addition to these exciting data and integration enhancements, the Spring ’24 Release introduces several other features such as the Action Launcher, Actionable Segmentation, Business Rules Engine, Criteria-Based Search and Filter, Data Processing Engine, and Timeline, all designed to empower healthcare professionals to optimize their workflows, enhance patient care, and make informed decisions.

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