Salesforce Summer 2024 Release Highlights: Health Cloud

Welcome to the Summer 2024 release notes for Salesforce Health Cloud! In this blog post, we will be discussing the exciting new features and enhancements that are now available for Salesforce’s Health Cloud users. From improved care coordination to enhanced patient engagement tools, this release is packed with updates that will help healthcare providers deliver better, more personalized care to their patients. Keep reading to learn more about all the ways Salesforce’s Health Cloud can help you streamline your healthcare operations and improve patient outcomes.

Health Cloud Einstein

Updating technology in the healthcare industry is crucial to meet the demands of a rapidly changing environment, improve patient care, and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. Salesforce is no stranger to this idea and has packed a very exciting Einstein update into this most recent release. Health Cloud’s Assessment Generation utilizes the power of Einstein generative AI to simplify the process of creating assessment questions in healthcare. By automatically extracting question details from complex documents, healthcare organizations can save time, reduce costs, and improve operations. This automation streamlines the assessment process, allowing administrators to set up a variety of assessments to enhance patient health outcomes.

Home Health Enhancements

Experience the new era of white-glove service in home health with the latest updates that prioritize personalized patient care. Schedulers now have the power to handpick the most suitable resources for each patient, while streamlined scheduling and advanced group visit capabilities ensure a seamless and efficient care experience. The elevated scheduler efficiency and enhanced guided setup features allow you to maximize productivity and deliver top-tier care to patients.

Integrated Care Management Enhancements

The new integration with Milliman Care Guidelines (MCG) allows Integrated Care Management users to access industry-standard care guidelines for informed decision-making on patient care. Administer MCG guidelines-based assessments, create personalized care plans, and optionally conduct secondary assessments based on MCG suggestions. Easily track MCG assessments with the Assessment History component, and update care plans using care plan templates with the enhanced Update Care Plan OmniScript feature.

Group Benefits in Health Cloud

Boosting sales productivity not only benefits the company’s financial performance but also enhances customer relationships and helps maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. The Group Benefits App will do just that and more. Internal insurance sales agents have a centralized platform to track leads, create quotes, manage enrollment data, and enroll group members and dependents in insurance plans. The app is tailored to the needs of sales agents with customized page layouts for account, opportunity, quote, and contract management. Customizable workflows guide agents through creating quotes for small group plans, generating quote documents, and completing enrollments for both small and large group plans. Additionally, the app features a sample document template for small group quotes that can be duplicated and personalized to suit different business needs.

Intelligent Appointment Management Enhancements

Exciting updates to Health Cloud’s appointment management which now allows schedulers to easily book a series of related appointments with multi-step scheduling, creating templates for specific types of appointments in the correct order and time intervals. A prebuilt workflow guides schedulers through booking each appointment, confirming availability, and allows for changes or cancellations as needed. Schedulers can now modify appointments instead of canceling and rebooking, accommodating preferences and availability of patients and providers. The updated guided setup provides enhanced guidance for setting up intelligent appointment management, including permissions, essential data, external scheduling system integration, optional features, self-scheduling, and multi-step scheduling, with clear directions and links to help resources.

Medication Management Updates

As of Summer 2024, the Medication Reconciliation and Medication Therapy Management features in Health Cloud are now included with the Health Cloud Add-On license, eliminating the need for a separate Medication Management Add-On license.

Provider Network Management Enhancements

A new app has been introduced to streamline the recruiting, credentialing, and contracting processes in the provider management lifecycle. The Provider Network Management app is integrated with DocuSign for e-signatures and reCAPTCHA for human verification. OmniScripts like Primary Source Verification and Provider Recruitment now utilize standard fields for improved efficiency.

Provider Search Enhancements

Enhanced search features in search result cards allow for easier scanning of relevant details with dynamic layouts. Match text and text area field values to specific fields for more accurate search results. Customize synchronized and searchable data to refine the Provider Search experience. Administrators can benefit from an expanded guided setup experience to ensure a smoother implementation of Provider Search.

Optimize Patient Care by Using Segmentation Insights

Health professionals can strategically allocate resources to enhance patient care by understanding and having a clear view of patients’ demographics, risk scores, and health conditions. These comprehensive insights are now available using the new patient segmentation dashboard.  This helps in identifying and prioritizing the needs of patients, allowing for more targeted and effective care strategies to be implemented.

Health Cloud Console

The Health Cloud Console app allows users to stay updated on their activities. The home page displays tasks assigned to them, upcoming tasks, events they are part of, recently accessed records, and chatter activity. The app can be customized to better meet the needs of the organization and users.

Health Cloud Managed Package

Customers no longer need to install the Health Cloud Managed Package for their Health Cloud implementation. Starting with the Summer ’24 release, new customers are advised to skip installing the managed package. The use of Intelligent Appointment Management and the Patient API no longer requires using the relationship objects in the managed package. These features now utilize AccountAccountRelation, AccountContactRelation, and ContactContactRelation after enabling the corresponding setting.

Health Cloud Admin Guide

In the Summer 2024 release for Health Cloud, there’s now a single source of truth for the Health Cloud Admin Guide in Salesforce Help. Previously, the guide was available on both the Salesforce help site and

Health Cloud Has New and Changed Objects

The ability to store more data with these new and changed Health Cloud objects allows for enhanced tracking and management within the system. For example, now users can store information indicating if a work procedure is active, track birthdates on the lead object, and track specialties on the lead object for providers. This expanded data storage capability offers valuable insights, improves organization, and facilitates more comprehensive tracking and reporting. I’ve only named a few highlights, read all the exciting changes from the salesforce release notes in the link above.

New and Changed Invocable Actions in Health Cloud

The new and changed invocable actions for Health Cloud allow for enhanced functionality in managing home visits and care resources. The scheduleHomeVisitsManually action enables schedulers to create home visits and manually assign care resources. The getResourcesforMnlScheduling action recommends resources for manual scheduling of start of care visits or recurring home visits. The scheduleGroupVisits action now includes the ability to create a group visit and set the address for the visit using the new groupVisitAddress and clinicalServiceRequestIds input fields. These updates improve scheduling efficiency, resource allocation, and overall care management in Health Cloud.

Need help making sense of the Summer 2024 updates to Health Cloud, or optimizing any facet of your Salesforce landscape? You know where to find TruSummit Solutions.  

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