Tech Transformation: Breaking Down Barriers with TruSummit Solutions’ Trailblazing Women

Empowering Women in Tech: TruSummit’s Commitment

TruSummit Solutions, proudly a 100% woman-owned company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, draws its strength from this very fact, fueling our unwavering commitment to empowering women and younger generations within the tech industry. This is why we’ve crafted this blog – to provide you with 7 invaluable tips and insights from the accomplished women of TruSummit, aimed at guiding your journey in the world of technology as a WIT (Woman In Tech).


TIP #1: Connect with Other Women in the Tech Field

In a rapidly evolving industry, networking is an invaluable tool. To thrive, seek out communities and individuals who share your aspirations and are eager to champion your goals. Consider exploring organizations like getWITit or your local WIT Salesforce User Group to offer you a powerful network of women in tech, resources, and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals.


TIP #2: Discover Your Curiosity-Driven Tech Passion

Your newfound tech journey is more than just learning – it’s a chance to tap into what truly sparks your curiosity. There are FREE resources right at your fingertips, like Trailhead – an online platform that lets you take a deep dive into Salesforce! Now, you’ll not only grasp concepts but engage in hands-on experiences, putting your understanding to the test.


TIP #3: Unlock Professional Growth with a Mentor

Finding a mentor can be a valuable step in your personal and professional growth. A mentor can be the guiding light that fuels your professional growth journey, providing motivation and challenges that elevate your career.

Here are three quick tips to help you find a mentor:

  1. Attend Networking Events: Attend conferences, workshops, user groups, and industry-specific events. These gatherings provide excellent opportunities to meet potential mentors who share your interests.
  2. Utilize Online Platforms: Research on websites like LinkedIn, industry-specific forums, and other social media platforms to identify and connect with potential mentors.
  3. Join a WIT Organization: Many organizations and professional associations offer formal mentorship programs and opportunities where you can be surrounded by experienced mentors to support you along your journey.


TIP #4: Reverse Engineer & Craft Your Skills for Success

Have you ever envisioned your dream job and wondered how to prepare yourself for it? Think of it as reverse engineering your career path, where you start with the end goal in mind and work backward to craft your skills for success. This approach can be a strategic and effective way to propel your career in the direction you desire.

Here are 5 steps on how to reverse engineer and tailor your skill set for your dream job:

  1. Define Your Dream Job
  2. Identify Your Skill Gaps
  3. Seek Learning Opportunities
  4. Set Clear Goals to Achieve
  5. Measure Your Progress and Success


TIP #5: Embrace the Lessons of Mistakes and Fuel Your Growth

For women striving to enter the tech industry, it’s crucial not to be discouraged by the challenges. In a historically male-dominated field, obstacles are common, but they can be opportunities for growth. One of our team members, a woman in tech, faced adversity due to gender bias. Despite setbacks, she turned these experiences into opportunities for learning, adapting, and excelling.

Her lesson: “setbacks are stepping stones, not roadblocks.”


TIP #6: Develop Your Problem-Solving Prowess

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry, one skill stands out as an absolute necessity: problem-solving. The ability to navigate complex issues, find innovative solutions, and adapt to new challenges is at the core of success in this field.

Here’s a look at how you can cultivate and sharpen your problem-solving prowess:

  1. Identify the Problem: Clearly define what the problem is.
  2. Break It Down: Take the time to break down the issue into its components, and ensure you understand the root causes and implications.
  3. Research and Gather Information: Once you’ve identified the problem and broken it down, gather relevant data and information. Explore different perspectives to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issue.
  4. Embrace the Growth Mindset: Use a forward-thinking approach to encourage you to think creatively and outside the box.
  5. Test and Iterate: Don’t be afraid to test potential solutions, even if they’re not perfect. Experimentation and iteration are essential in the tech world. Learn from failures and adjust your approach accordingly.
  6. Practice Regularly: Problem-solving is a skill that improves with practice. Seek out opportunities to tackle puzzles, projects, or coding challenges that challenge your abilities.


TIP #7: Discover Non-Technical Avenues

In the realm of technology, success isn’t solely dependent on technical expertise. The tech industry offers a wide array of roles beyond coding and programming, where diverse skills are highly valued. Consider roles like Project Management, which are plentiful in this environment and demand skills beyond simply technical know-how. Embracing these non-technical avenues can open up exciting and fulfilling career opportunities in the tech world.


CONCLUSION: Thank You TruSummit Women

An applause and heartfelt gratitude to our extraordinary women and trailblazers within our team. Your contributions to this blog and your impactful role within our organization and the tech industry as a whole are truly commendable. Together, we hold the power to craft a tech community that is both diverse and empowered, a hub of innovation and inclusivity.

Are you seeking to be part of a team that treasures and welcomes women in the tech realm? Discover more about the exciting openings we have on our careers page:


About the Author

Nikki Holter is a dynamic and accomplished professional who serves as the Business Development & Marketing Manager at TruSummit Solutions.

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