ViVE 2024 Recap: What We’re Watching in Healthcare

The TruSummit Solutions team attended ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles and … you guys …  

They had a puppy park.  
Yes, among some of the best swag I’ve ever seen at a conference was the puppy park sponsored by UCLA. And while you obviously couldn’t take a puppy home with you, elsewhere in the exhibit hall you could grab swag including Nike Dunk sneakers and light up sunglasses or try your hand at an arcade-style claw machine.   

And even more impressive than the puppy park and exhibit hall swag was the four-day conference itself. ViVE 2024 was laser-focused on the current state of healthcare and how to use technology to break down data siloes and create better care pathways for patients. I walked away from the conference chewing on these topics, and how Salesforce might help:    

Removing the Burden of Care Management from the Patient

  • Patients shouldn’t need to carry the burden of gathering files and data about their health. This often occurs due to the disconnected nature of apps required for care management. 
  • In an ideal world, a patient will be able to access aggregated data about their personal care so in the event they are seeing a new doctor or specialist, they can easily share the information quickly via a QR code or single interface, for example. 

The Possible Salesforce Solve: Give the patient direct portal access to things like lab results and care details, as well as self-service access to a knowledge base and educational materials. Leveraging a portal like Salesforce Experience Cloud enables the delivery of intelligent experiences to improve care access and build trust with patients. Providers are also often incentivized to get patients to interact via portals. It’s a win-win! 

Simplifying the Provider Experience

To put it simply, the provider experience needs some love. From documentation to EHRs to siloed systems, a massive shift and simplification of the provider experience is needed.  

  • Very commonly, the act of capturing transactional clinical details occurs primarily for billing purposes due to the overwhelm and busy schedules of providers. Instead, we need to shift towards documentation in the form of care plans for the patient to help them understand what they need to stay healthy. 
  • EHRs are very clunky and difficult to use. The ‘file-based’ experience creates delays at the beginning and end of a patient’s appointment. EHRs also lack clinical intelligence or next best action insights.  
  • Additionally, the disconnected nature of the various applications required for care management creates an even more disjointed experience for providers and patients.  

The Possible Salesforce Solve: Focus on innovative ways to reduce screen clutter and decrease the number of applications providers are required to use every day. Break down data siloes and unify systems to have a consolidated data set of clinical and non-clinical data all in one place. Also, invest in a platform with built-in intelligence and next best action insights. (Hint, Salesforce Health Cloud integrated with your EHR.) 

AI: It Only Works When You Feed It Healthy Data  

  • Healthcare organizations are jumping on the AI bandwagon, and often want AI capabilities sooner than they’re fully baked. 
  • Standalone tools are being acquired without an appropriate data strategy to fully take advantage of the tool’s capabilities.
  • A mastered, clean data set is necessary; this needs to be addressed first.   

The Possible Salesforce Solve: Begin by establishing a foundational data layer to be consumed. Then, through iterative use, consider the introduction and monitoring of AI tool usage. A further enhancement may be implementing a data fabric layer to enhance data consumption capabilities. (And of course Salesforce’s focus on AI can help you get there faster.)  

Conferences are tough – you are spending a lot of time and money and you want to feel like you’re getting maximum value for your investment. With the ViVE Conference, I definitely feel that our team got that value. The sessions were educational and most everyone seemed very open to networking. We are planning to attend again next year and have already begun follow-up conversations with new contacts to establish new networking relationships and potential partnerships. 

Want to pick Jordan’s brain on the ViVE Conference, Salesforce for healthcare, or cute puppies? You know where to find TruSummit Solutions.  

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