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Software Implementation Common Pitfalls

Dealing with the ever-changing tech world and evolving industry needs can be a real headache for many companies, and their IT and executive leadership teams. Staying up to date means always checking out the newest and coolest solutions to remain competitive. If you’ve been on a team that utilizes software like Salesforce at some point in your career, or if you’re about to purchase it, you probably want to avoid the common pitfalls that can happen during big tech changes.

At TruSummit Solutions, we’re no strangers to helping out companies who’ve run into trouble with their software projects. Sometimes it’s just small tweaks, but other times it’s a big overhaul to fix problems like not enough people using the system, trouble connecting with other apps, or making it scale up. Along the way, we’ve picked up some handy tips for getting Salesforce implementation projects right from the get-go. In the sections ahead, we’ll dig into the top five reasons these projects can go sideways and share our team’s advice on how to steer clear or get back on track if you run into these common issues.


Many companies often overlook this crucial step when acquiring enterprise software like Salesforce and underestimate the importance of having a vision in place before making the decision to purchase. A vision should serve as a guiding light, providing a sense of purpose and direction for the entire implementation process. Without a vision, organizations risk drifting aimlessly, making decisions based on short-term needs rather than long-term strategic goals, which will likely cause your software implementation to fail. 

Pro tip: Create a vision that not only clarifies your organization’s Salesforce objectives but also illuminates the transformation it will bring to your business processes, elevating customer relationships and catalyzing growth. As part of TruSummit’s Salesforce implementation services, our team would evaluate your existing processes, practices, and systems, facilitating a deep understanding that empowers your company to establish performance benchmarks. We also provide your team with a healthy blend of new concepts and proven solutions for improved processes that connect people to each other and to the information they need. If you embrace the vision with this forward-looking approach, you can seamlessly align your Salesforce investment with your strategic goals, resulting in enhanced utilization and an improved return on investment (ROI).



Successful Salesforce implementation hinges on strategic thinking, with a strong focus on both the “how” and, notably, the “why.” Without a clearly defined strategic roadmap, the journey toward your desired destination becomes considerably more challenging, potentially resulting in financial setbacks. Picture embarking on a road trip to an unfamiliar destination, filled with countless possibilities and opportunities. However, just like starting a new software venture, lacking a clear destination leaves you meandering without a sense of purpose or direction. This common pitfall will increase the likelihood of having a failed software implementation.

Pro Tip: Begin your Salesforce journey by crafting a Salesforce strategic roadmap. This roadmap streamlines resource allocation, minimizes risks, and prioritizes key features, ensuring efficient implementation and reducing potential setbacks. Furthermore, the roadmap covers critical aspects like user adoption, measurable progress, and long-term planning, guaranteeing that Salesforce remains a valuable asset long after its initial deployment. At TruSummit Solutions, we specialize in strategic consulting, and as part of our ideation and roadmap development process, we assist our customers in creating a comprehensive roadmap with a phased implementation plan. This plan outlines the future of your interconnected technology ecosystem, leveraging core platform products and custom enhancements, and is equipped with goals and requirements to guide you to the peak of Salesforce success.



Poor business process design is a significant driver of failed Salesforce implementations. We notice some companies often times attempt to fit Salesforce into their existing processes without careful consideration or adaptation, it can lead to a multitude of issues. These include inefficiencies, data inaccuracies, and resistance from users accustomed to old workflows. This leads to stagnant user adoption and less willingness to utilize the system, which does the opposite of empowering users and will ultimately cause your software implementation to fail. 

Pro Tip: To avoid failure, it’s crucial to invest time in reevaluating and optimizing business processes to align with Salesforce’s capabilities. Engage stakeholders, assess current workflows, and leverage Salesforce’s customization features to create a system that mirrors your ideal processes while capitalizing on the platform’s strengths. Regular training, user involvement, and continuous process evaluation are key components of a successful Salesforce implementation that counters the pitfalls of poor business process design. As another option, TruSummit’s managed services can provide invaluable support in the aftermath of a poorly executed business process implementation or when an organization has evolved significantly since its initial Salesforce deployment. Our managed services offer a dynamic solution that enables you to continually refine and optimize your Salesforce org, ensuring success at every stage of your journey. Whether you’re grappling with the aftermath of a problematic implementation or adapting to the changing needs of your evolving company, our services allow you to build on your Salesforce platform seamlessly.



Low utilization rates and poor adoption of Salesforce within an organization can be attributed to a range of factors. Inadequate training often leaves employees struggling to navigate the system effectively, while a lack of user involvement during implementation can lead to disconnection. Resistance to change, particularly when employees are accustomed to existing tools and processes, can hinder acceptance.

Pro-Tip: To address these challenges and improve the utilization and adoption of Salesforce, companies should invest in a comprehensive training plan on when and who from an end-user perspective should be involved in the process. This will help you customize Salesforce to align with specific roles that will be using the system on a daily basis to accurately meet their needs and desires. At TruSummit, we embrace a proven approach that encompasses training, enablement, and scaling. Our commitment extends beyond traditional training; we aim to empower and invigorate our customers’ teams through hands-on education. We take pride in going the extra mile by providing enablement, ensuring that even as your organization faces future changes, you’ll possess the people, processes, and systems necessary to sustain long-term success effortlessly.



Taking on a Salesforce implementation without the guidance of experts or a trusted Salesforce partner is similar to attempting a challenging hike through unfamiliar terrain without a skilled guide. Just as you’d rely on an experienced guide to navigate treacherous paths and reach your destination safely, choosing the right Salesforce partner, such as TruSummit Solutions, is crucial.

Pro tip: Hire TruSummit Solutions and have a stress-free Salesforce. Our team can help you chart a clear path, avoid pitfalls, and develop a customized implementation strategy that ensures you reach your company’s goals with confidence and success. Click here to schedule your free Salesforce consultation.



If your company faces hurdles due to failed software Implementation, TruSummit Solutions, a certified Salesforce Partner, can help simplify, strategize, and leverage your Salesforce investment for long-term success. Our core values – Collaboration, Commitment, Passion, Aptitude- will guide you on your journey to Salesforce excellence. Let’s talk today about your implementation journey. Learn more about TruSummit Solutions.



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